Thursday, 16 April 2020

Tips & Tricks for Picture Frame Hanging

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Have you been sitting at home, staring at your walls during this quarantine, wondering why it’s so bare, and you want to fill up the walls with picture frames now? Take the time now to look through the options and inspirations before you go the route of getting custom made picture frames from picture frame shops in London.

Hardware Required for Hanging the Custom Made Picture Frames

Sawtooth - Smaller picture frames require sawtooth on the top rail of the frame’s back. This gives ample support and leveling possibly to hang the custom made picture frame. It can be hung using single nails support.

Wire Systems - For larger picture frames, you can attach it with side rails and hang it up with extra support of wire systems. The extra weight can be borne by the wire systems used to hold up the picture frames.

Things You Will Need & Won’t Need

After installing the hardware required for the hanging process, these are the few tools that you may need and will come in handy.

  • Measuring Tape
  • Hammer
  • Painter’s Tape
  • Pencil 

All these items are required to install the frames at the right level. 

When you go forward with the framing at home, all these items, including the frames, and hanging hardware, the screws, small screwdriver, nails, and hook, are sent in the package. An instruction manual will also be sent along with these items so that you can easily assemble the frame, install the hanging hardware, and prop up the frame.

Common Mistakes 

A common mistake that most people hanging frames encounter is hanging them at the wrong placement, maybe too high or too low.

How to Install Picture Frames? 

  • The one trick to follow is keeping things at the eye-level, especially when it comes to hanging frames around pieces of furniture such as the bed or couch. 
  • A great rule of thumb is leaving 6 inches between the top of the furniture and bottom of the frame, giving a breathing space.
  • Then plan out the placement of each frame using a painter’s tape. 
  • Use the materials you have to make a “true-scale template.” 
  • Applying adhesive bumpers on the bottom corners of the back of the frame can prevent the frames from getting scuffed.
  • There should be a felt or plastic bumper available to apply as the last step during picture frame installation. 

These are just a few tips and tricks to help you hang picture frames rightly each time.

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